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Plefsis Traditional Tavern

Taste delicacies overlooking the Aegean

«Plefsis» traditional tavern, located at Grikos bay is literally found by the sea. You may sink your feet in the sand and feel the sea salt upon you. By day, wherever you choose to sit, you gaze across the vast Aegean, the still boats and the famous «Kalikatsou» rock. Seagulls fly around Grikos bay and land right next to your feet. By night, you are able to gaze at the countless stars upon the clear sky, over the motionless sea. In the background, you listen to Greek music while fine seafood arrives at your table.

It is a purely traditional tavern, full of colors and fragrances. Everything here is authentic. Lined-up tin pots of basil pave the way to your table. Chairs and shutters colored in shades of pink and white, windows painted in blue and leafy plants adorn the place. As you come close, you take a look at the famous daily special written on the blackboard, tickling your nose before you’ve even picked a table.

The menu is exactly what comes to mind when you see the tavern from afar: fresh sea food and local produce. Our fine ingredients include fresh fish, local meat, seafood and all sorts of delicacies, local vegetable and herbs from our garden as well as seasonal fruit. Our daily hotpot dishes are homey recipes and our traditional desserts have created a circle of loyal customers who seek authentic Mediterranean cuisine in the island of Patmos.

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