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For the most common ways to reach Patmos read below:

By boat

Pireus - Patmos

Access to the island of Patmos is primarily achieved through sea, with the connection of the unique commercial port of Patmos at Skala, with Piraeus and the neighboring islands. The connection of Piraeus and Patmos is carried out by the company Blue Star Ferries and the islands routes are:

  • Piraeus-Patmos-Leros-Kos-Rhodes & Syros-Amorgos (Katapola)
  • Piraeus-Kalymnos-Kos-Rhodes & Astipalaia-Patmos-Leipsoi-Leros-Nisyros-Tilos-Simi-Kastelorizo

Your trip from Athens to Patmos will last about eight hours. Tickets may be purchased from the headquarters of Blue Star Ferries or any travel agency. Ships typically leave Piraeus from the gate E1 (heading to Dodecanese Islands). You may find more information regarding the above routes A fifth route was established for the 2015 season, with the aim of linking Patmos, Piraeus and other neighboring islands of the Dodecanese, with Super Fast Ferry of the Blue Star Ferries company. This fifth course will be held during July and August.


In addition, during the summer months and usually starting from April – May (just before Easter), the company Dodecanesos Seaways daily links Patmos with the neighboring islands of Symi, Kos, Rhodes, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi and Samos. Every travel agency is usually considered a sale point. The duration of your trip varies depending on the distance of the island from which you start to, in order to get to Patmos. We would advise you to be precise with the time of your departure, as these ships strictly abide routes. Indicatively, you can view route for 2015 here:

By speedboat

Moreover, the company Hellenic Seaways offers services, which link Patmos with the islands of the North Aegean. Routes are:

  • Piraeus-Syros-Mykonos-Patmos-Samos-Ikaria
  • Ag.Kirykos-Vathi-Chios-Mytilini-Limnos-Kavala
  • Vathi-Chios-Mytilini-Limnos-Kavala
  • Piraeus-Paros-Naxos-Ikaria-Fourni-Samos

For the full program of the year, you may visit the website:

By private boat

Apart from ferries, you may reach Patmos using a private boat, enjoying the picturesque beaches and overlooking the Aegean. In some locations, such as the bay of Grikos, vessels can tie up to the pier, where supply services are provided.

By airplane

Finally, for those a bit…further away, there is the option to travel by plane to any of the airports found on the neighboring islands of Samos, Kos, Leros, Kalymnos or Rhodes and then use a ferry, in order to reach the island of Patmos.

You can reach the island of Patmos, using a private helicopter. We indicatively mention:

Hellicopter Private Services company, with the ability to carry passengers even to the most inaccessible areas. For more information, please visit:

Air Business International company, with a large variety of aircrafts, business jets and helicopters. More information can be found at:

Are you already at Patmos?

Silver Beach Hotel, is located in the village of Grikos, in Grikos bay, which is located on the southeastern side of Patmos, almost 4.5 kilometers from the port -Skala. Upon arrival at Skala, you may hop in a taxi, which will take you to the hotel in about 10 minutes. Alternatively, you may arrange your transfer through the hotel, using our private transfer services. Finally, you may use public transportation. The bus goes by several times a day and stops about 50 meters away from the bay of Grikos. You may find the timetable here

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